The Virtual Barn

Our Beliefs on Animal Care

Paradise Ranch believes in animal advocacy through education! Our animals have been adopted through rescue groups or have been donated to us from families who were unable to provide the necessary care. We are NOT a petting zoo (and not available for "rent") and believe each animal to be a sentient being fully capable of expressing their own opinions and feelings. While we are not a direct rescue organization we work very closely with reputable rescues and assist them in a variety of ways.

The Horses

Each of our friends are specially trained to do their specific jobs, and we use only gentle training methods. The horses live together only a few miles away from Paradise Ranch. They enjoy coming home and running around outdoors, they are also taken out for frequent pleasure rides. While doing their "jobs" at The Ranch they are given lots of time for breaks and are NEVER ridden if they are in ANY way not up their best. Paradise Ranch exceeded the highest level of care for our horses. Below you will see our horses in their H.A.T.s.

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If you are considering Paradise Ranch as a possible place to donate your horse; at this time we are UNABLE to take any more horses. Please contact, and they can help you network to find a loving home with a responsible family. Please DO NOT LIST your horse in a "free to a good home" ad, kill buyers have become increasingly more convincing in their stories. Thank you!